• One Way Film / Reflective Film / Mirror Film these come in three colours Bronze, Grey, Silver, Gold, Blue, Green
  • Safety Film / Security Film / Anti Smash and Grab
  • Windscreen Film
  • Sandblast Film
  • Exterior Reflective Film
  • Museum Film
  • Low “E” (Emissivity) Films – To keep heat “IN”, no other film can keep heat in a room, but low “E”
  • Graphic Arts Films (Only Interior application) Red, Yellow Blue and Green
  • Security Reflected and Sputtered Film
  • Graffiti Film
  • Decorative Film – Stripes, Thin Lines, Bands, Squares, Matt Squares, Small dots, Mini Dots, Rice Paper, Frosted
  • Ultra Performance Sputtered Films
  • Premium Metallized Films
  • Non Reflective Film for vehicles and Flat Glass
  • High Performance Sputtered Film – Residential Film



Sputtering technology is more complicated. Sputtering is also done in a vacuum chamber, but the metallizing is achieved at the atomic level. In brief, electromagnetic fields direct streams of ions from a chemically inert gas (usually argon) toward the metal. This ion bombardment, which is often described as “atomic billiards,” causes groups of atoms to dislodge in small bursts and scatter uniformly across the film.


To further complicate the issue, many films contain both dyes and reflective metals. By combining dyes and metals, the negative effects of each can be reduced without sacrificing performance. A good example is gray dye and titanium coating. If used alone, dye would darken the film significantly, while the titanium would produce a highly mirrored surface. When paired, less of each can be used, resulting in a film that is relatively bright and non reflective.

This point is significant, if only because it quells the notion that the darkest films reject the most heat. In most cases, dark films are chosen because they offer greater privacy.

All film comes with a Manufacturer’s Warranty



  • LLUMAR window film Keep up to 79% heat out (Reflective Films)
  • Reduces glare
  • Block 99% UV rays
  • Increases Privacy – guard against prying eyes,
  • Security and Safety – by holding fragments of shattered glass in place – reducing injury.
  • Reduces Fading of curtains, blinds, furniture and paintings.
  • Environmentally friendly – Save on electricity – Air Conditioner runs more cost effective as there is less competition with heat that comes in through glass.
  • Improves the aesthetics of your house without losing the view


  • Colour stays true
  • No bubbling or crazing, cracking, peeling, blistering, or delaminating from the glass.
  • Protect your Skin from the harmful rays of the sun, whilst driving – reducing the risk of Skin Cancer
  • Protect your vehicles’ interior from the damaging effects of the sun.
  • Anti Smash and Grab on Vehicle windows to deter thieves from smashing your window and grabbing your cell phone or bag. Feel safer when you drive around.
  • Will help protect occupants in the event of a side impact accident.
  • Deter Smash and Grab incidents – Safety film gives driver time to get away
  • Transporting of valuables goods made easier as people won’t be able to see in, for example tools through canopy windows